Travel for Free or Very Close to It

So, you have been bitten by the travel bug but your wallet hasn’t gotten on board with the whole idea of you seeing the world.  That’s okay there are ways where you can travel for free or very close to it.  Here are some travel tips that the gurus swear by to get you around the globe even on a very limited budget.

Travel for Free or Very Close to It

Get a Rewards Credit Card

If you haven’t already signed up for a travel rewards credit card then you are really losing out.  This doesn’t mean charging plane tickets you can’t afford, but using your card for day to day expenses that you have to pay anyway.  Most card companies have some kind of travel rewards card that you can use to accumulate travel points, just remember to read the fine print and use it responsibly.

Teach English Abroad

You can live abroad for anywhere from 9 months to a year or longer if you like and you can get paid to teach English.  There are plenty of countries that don’t require you to have your TEFL certification, but it is recommended.  You can head to Asia or Europe and help the locals master conversational and written English and many of these programs will offer free room and board at the same time.  Here is how to get your TEFL certification.

Go House Sitting

There are two ways that you can do this, you can offer to house sit for someone else, or you can swap houses if you’re willing to let someone else use your home.  Sites like GuestToGuest can help you find someone willing to swap with you.  You can also sign up with for one of the sites where you can house sit for someone else.

Take a Car Across the Country

Got a week or two to spare, they you can see the country by driving someone else’s car from one destination to another.  You will need to be at least 23 and have a valid license, then head over to AutoDriveaway.  You will need to put down a deposit (it is refundable at the destination) and on top of that you will be paid either per mile driven or a flat rate.  The cost of gas is also covered by the car owner.

Become a Volunteer with WWOOF

WWOOF is Willing Workers on Organic Farms is a work exchange program that gives you free accommodations, food and the chance to learn some new skills along the way.  You will have to pay the travel costs yourself but room and board is free.  If you don’t want to do any farm work there are other opportunities as well.

These are just a couple of ways that you can travel for free or very close to it.  Go and explore your world!

Tips for Traveling Solo

If you enjoy traveling it can be hard sometime to find a friend who has the time to go with you.  If you have been traveling for a while already, you might want to consider traveling alone.  The thought might be a bit scary but it really isn’t as frightening as you think.  Traveling on your own can be fun, you can see and do whatever you want.  Going solo means doing a little more prep work than normal, here are some tips for traveling solo.

Make a List and Check it Twice

Traveling, solo or not, is much better when you are prepared.  Make a list of everything that you are going to need for your trip and double check that you have everything.  Do this a couple of days in advance not the morning you are supposed to be leaving.  You are going to need to bring with you things like your passport, cash, tickets, gadgets (camera etc) and any medication that you require.  You won’t have anyone with you to ask for help so preparation is key.

“When in Rome”

Learn a little bit about the culture and customs before you go.  Learn about the area around your hotel and find interesting things you want to see.  Find out about the weather so you know how to pack for the trip.  When you are visiting a foreign country, remember their customs may be vastly different than what you are used to back home.  Learning about different cultures is part of the excitement of travel once you get there don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in the culture.

Tips for Traveling Solo

Don’t Be Afraid to Meet New People

Traveling on your own means you should be cautious but at the same time don’t be afraid to meet new people along the way.  Once you meet some locals you can find some interesting places that only locals know about.  You can also find out about the best or cheapest places to eat while you’re on your trip.  Check into some solo travel blogs and learn about their experiences to learn how they handled being in a new city.

Traveling alone doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, in fact you can have a great adventure completely on your own.  Overcoming your shyness and head out on your own can be uplifting.  Head to a travel website and start looking at some destinations.