Most Effective Ways to Avoid Excessive Baggage Fees

One of the things that many travellers hate is being told that their baggage is over the allowed weight and that they need to pay a certain fee. These excess luggage fees can be costly and can lead to stress because it means going over your budget. In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, here are some effective tips that you should try.

Just use a small suitcase.

Although your tendency is to use a large suitcase that can fit in many item, it is recommended to just  small one in order to prevent yourself from bringing more than what you actually need. However, if you don’t have any other choice than to usea large one, then just put the heavy items in your cabin luggage.

Weigh your luggage before your date of travel.

Weigh your luggage yourself to make sure that you don’t go over the limit. By doing this simple step of checking your bags in a scale, you will be able to spare yourself from all the stress when you’re already in the airport.

Choose generous airlines.

Some airlines are more generous than others when it comes to hand luggage allowance. It is recommended to choose these airlines that don’t offer weight restriction to save money.

Don’t be sneaky with your additional hand luggage.

Some people in the boarding gate bring trolley cabin bags and large handbags, but their allowance is only for a single item. These people will be told by the staff and will be ordered to put their handbag inside the trolley bag, but it wouldn’t fit and they will be asked to pay extra fees. Before your travel date, check if you are allowed to bring two items of hand luggage or just a single one.

Put heavy items inside your coat pockets if they can fit and wear heavy clothes.

By keeping these heavy items inside the pockets of your coat, you will be able to save a few extra kilograms. You can also wear heavy clothing including coats and boots which can easily add weight to your luggage.

Final Thoughts

By doing the tips shared in this article, you won’t go through the hassle and incur unexpected expenses due to your excess luggage ever again. Though they are just seemingly simple pieces of advice, they can be extremely beneficial for you as a traveller.

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